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Invest in all the instruments you like from various sectors of the economy at any time. Just open the web version of MetaTrader, which has a full range of features and settings that will facilitate your activities and help you increase your profits.

AllfinaGroup is responsible for the safety of its customers


At AllfinaGroup you have access to flexible and transparent conditions that meet international standards, as well as assistance at all stages of trading


We have full confidence in our services and offerings, and we are proud to maintain the excellent reputation of AllfinaGroup


Your funds are completely safe. Your money is kept separate from company finances

What distinguishes AllfinaGroup from competitors?


We provide educational materials on investing

Tight spreads

Comfortable spreads for working with any asset

Minimum commissions

Flexible commissions for your comfortable trading

Order execution

We offer the fastest order execution in industry


Contact us with any issues and concerns


We provide 300+ assets for investment

Work with the best specialists

You can work with a personal manager who will help you with training, as well as with account development. This will help you perform better, make profitable investments and minimize losses. Join now and start investing with your own assistant.

Your global presence

AllfinaGroup will provide access to 300+ assets. Use advanced strategies to minimize your risks and work in profit. Take your investment to the next level by building a solid trading portfolio.

Arbitrage bot

Arbitrage Bot is a tool for automatic work without investor intervention. The bot is developed on algorithms and carries out transactions according to predetermined parameters. 

Simply put, Arbitrage Bot analyzes the prices of assets in all markets, buys them at the lowest price, and then resells them at the highest value. To connect the bot, contact your specialist.

  • More than 200 exchanges with different quotes
  • Integration with the largest markets
  • Minimizing risks during a transaction
  • Profitable work with volatile markets

Learn with us

01 Help

AllfinaGroup understands that every client has questions regarding investment. There are many professionals on our staff who are ready to help you figure it all out.

02 Strategy

We will tell you about various popular, and most importantly, working strategies. Also, our experts will help you choose a method that will be profitable and will suit your trading style.

03 Analytics

We provide financial instruments that will help to analyse assets. Use them to select the most promising tool.

Invest with confidence with AllfinaGroup

We have prepared everything you need for a profitable investment