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What are shares?

Shares are securities issued by a company. Thus, the corporation attracts capital, which goes to its development. Shareholders, in turn, are entitled to dividend payments, as well as participation in meetings (depending on the share in the company). 

You can hold stocks in short, medium, and long term positions and profit from selling them at a bargain price. Also, you will regularly receive dividends, according to the dividend policy of the selected company.

What are stock indices?

A stock index is a tool that allows you to weigh a basket of stocks of companies from a particular sector. This is an excellent tool for both analyzing the sector of the economy and for investing, since indices are considered a safer asset than stocks. 

You can work with indices only through CFD contracts. This opens up many opportunities for investors. For example, you can work with leverage by opening larger trades.

What is commodity?

A commodity is a raw material that is extracted from the earth, and this also includes products of plant origin. In total, commodities can be divided into three categories: 

1. Energy carriers – coal industry, crude oil, natural gas, fuel oil, etc.
2. Non-ferrous and precious metals – gold, silver, platinum, copper, aluminum, and others.
3. Agricultural products – wheat, soybeans, corn, palm oil, cotton, animal products, and so on.

Invest in various commodities with AllfinaGroup at the best prices and lowest spreads. Complete your portfolio with reliable instruments.

What are currency pairs?

A currency pair is the ratio of the prices of the two monetary units included in this pair. The first currency in the pair is the base currency, and the second is the quote currency. 

You should always approach trades thoughtfully. First of all, choose a suitable trading strategy for yourself, as well as analyze the instruments. This will help you minimize risks and increase your efficiency.

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