Arbitrage bot

Invest profitably and thoughtfully, using a bot for more efficient work

Invest profitably with the best strategy

Shared Pools

A simple investment tool: we will select reliable strategies for you

Thoughtful Strategies

Compare results and choose a strategy, as well as functions for the bot

Arbitrage bots

Choose strategies to work with arbitrage. New methods available

What is an arbitrage bot

AllfinaGroup presents a tool that combines blockchain technology and arbitrage software with a high degree of reliability.


The system simultaneously supports work on several exchanges


An easy and secure way to earn income from the digital asset market


Earn on the difference in the price of instruments automatically

How to work with a bot?

Choose the strategy that suits you best, and then follow a few conditions to get started. First, make a deposit and get access to the bot. 

Then you need to create one or more bots that will match your strategies. You should also choose the markets in which you will work, and select tools for each method.

Track results to improve your efficiency. You can use someone else’s strategy or create your own.

Benefits of Arbitrage Bot

Operate more profitably with a reliable tool for algorithmic investing.

Safe transactions without the intervention of third parties

Super-fast and promising work of the arbitrage bot

High payback of transactions and freedom from the market

Many tools for better investment

Variety of pairs, backtesting with Walk-Forward analysis

Automatic bots for transactions with digital assets